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Easter Sunday John 21:29-38

Joseph of Arimathea's ministry after Christ's death is one of the few accounts that is mentioned in all four Gospels.  This Easter, we examine the importance of his actions and how we can mirror them in our lives today.  

April 2 Luke 19:5-9

A continuation of the Olivet discourse - Christ's discussion of things to come.   More warnings about horrific events in the future end with Christ urging believers not to underestimate the toll it will take on them as some will fall away in that time.  Ultimately, these tribulations will end with Christ coming again and our redemption.

March 26 Luke 21:5-9

The disciple's noticing of the beauty of the Temple sparks the beginning of the Olivet discourse - the longest section of prophecy made by Christ.  Warnings of terrible things to come in the future are tempered by His reminder that the believer must endure these hardships.



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Preaching of the Word

Pastor Coleman practices the classic method of lectio continua: the systematic exposition of the books of the Bible in sequential format.

A careful interpreter of Scripture, he prepares sermons that are models of biblical content and edifying clarity.  

Below are a few selected brief messages with the good news of Jesus Christ.


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