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July 30 Luke 23:44-49

Venturing outside of Luke's gospel briefly, an overview of Christ's seven sayings from the cross complete the picture of his suffering and demonstrate His willingness to become a sacrifice for us.  Additionally, the supernatural events that occur during the crucifixion have epochal significance that carry on to this day.

July 23 Luke 23:39-43

An extended look at the thief's repentance on the cross next to Jesus is a powerful reminder for us of God's love and of his desire to fellowship with us.  Could this man's dramatic conversion have affected others watching, even his fellow thief, and caused them to repent?

July 16 Luke 23:26-38

A powerful reminder of Christ's humanity is coupled with a extraordinary prophecy to the daughters of Jerusalem as Jesus is led to Calvary to be crucified.  Here we also see the first of His remarkable sayings from the cross as He asks the Father to forgive those that are punishing Him.

July 9 Luke 23:1-25

A look at the three trials of Jesus after the Jews have charged him with blasphemy.  As the Sanhedrin shifts the charge from the theological to the political, they seek out Pontius Pilate to give a death sentence.  We marvel at Jesus's testimony through these trials, and how even His secular judges find no guilt in Him. 




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Pastor Coleman practices the classic method of lectio continua: the systematic exposition of the books of the Bible in sequential format.

A careful interpreter of Scripture, he prepares sermons that are models of biblical content and edifying clarity.  

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