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Acts 21:15-26 (June 9, 2019)

Paul's entry into Jerusalem with the generous offering from the Gentile churches is first met with auspicious circumstances: James and the Elders welcome him gladly and praise God for his ministry.  Nevertheless, the many believing Jews in Jerusalem considered Paul to be an apostate to the Law of Moses, which they followed zealously.  In an effort to keep the unity of the Church, James proposes a scheme to allow Paul to openly participate in a Nazarite vow.  This becomes a pivotal event in the early Church and provides fair warning for us to the difficulty of keeping unity in this fallen world.


Acts 21:7-14 (June 2, 2019)

Paul's journey to Jerusalem continues with a stop in Caesarea where he meets Philip the Evangelist: an exciting, dramatic moment as two nemeses harmonize through the power of the Gospel.  Also, in another dramatic turn of events, Agabus, the prophet who predicted the famine in Jerusalem, enacts a prophesy warning Paul about his impending imprisonment.  Paul is strongly moved by the concern that the others show for him, but ultimately they realize God's will must be done.


Acts 21:1-6 (May 26, 2019)

Luke's travelogue from Miletus to Tyre helped the First Century readers, and us today, see how the Gospel was at work around the known world and not just in the small province of Judea.  Also, Paul faces a dilemma about going to Jerusalem, despite prophecies about him being imprisoned there.


Acts 20:33-38 (May 19, 2019)

In the conclusion of his speech at Miletus, Paul exhorts the Ephesian Elders to follow his example in working and in praying.  Also, the emotional response reminds us of the great affection that these fledgling churches had for Paul and of the affection that we should have for one another.





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