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Acts 4:23-31 (January 28, 2018)

Following Peter and John's release from the Temple, we have the first recorded account of a Christian prayer meeting.  A group of companions gather in an undisclosed place to pray with one voice about the events at the temple over the previous days.  The prayer includes a recitation of Psalm 2, probably led by a presenter and repeated corporately, and a call to God to consider the threatenings that have occurred against them.  Ultimately, they pray for boldness to preach the message God had given them and they are answered by a shaking from on high and a filling from the Holy Spirit.


Acts 4:1-22 (January 21, 2018)

Following his sermon at the Temple, Peter and John are apprehended by the Temple guard and are brought before the Sanhedrin.  This trial and the apostle's responses bring many important points into focus.  The apostles boldly reject pluralism and the proclaim the exclusivity of Jesus for salvation.  They demonstrate that their time with Jesus prepared them for theological debate and exhortation.  And, their refusal to stop preaching Jesus encourages us to follow God and the bible against any authority.


Acts 3:11-26 (January 14, 2018)

Following Peter and John's miraculous healing of the lame man at the Temple gate, Peter delivers a theologically rich sermon to the gathering crowd.  In it, he explains that the Jesus that they killed was the Suffering Servant about whom Isaiah spoke and the Prophet that would replace Moses.  This sermon also demonstrates that the message of the early Church was the same as it is today: Repent and you shall be saved.


Advent Series 2017: The Suffering Servant

This Five-part series is an examination of the final Song of the Suffering Servant in the Book of Isaiah. Each week includes a detailed look at one of the stanzas from this prophetic song.  Biblical scholars searched the scriptures to discover who Isaiah was describing, but it wasn't until Jesus came that a definitive answer was given.  


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Pastor Coleman practices the classic method of lectio continua: the systematic exposition of the books of the Bible in sequential format.

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